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Who we are

TreeFam is a company that aims to operate as a Renewable Energy Operator in Brazil and TRADING food commodities such as sugar and soy from Brazil with the target markets of imports/exports Arab countries, South America and China.


TreeFam has presence in Spain, Brazil, Malta, China and Hong Kong with a team of high-level executives, academic background and industry experience.


TreeFam has bureaucratic, financial and logistical procedures based on a rigorous governance environment and an integrated software platform.


TreeFam's main strategy in the biennium 2023/2024 is for the implementation of Solar Power Plants in Brazil.

Brazil is geographically located in a very favorable position for the generation of solar energy.


The climate is very conducive to receiving sunlight captured by solar panels and transformed into electricity by the photovoltaic system.

Brazil added 9.3 GW in photovoltaic solar energy in 2022, show data from the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). With the addition, the operational capacity of the source exceeded 23 GW in the country, registering an increase of almost 66% in the period.


TreeFam's goal is to deploy, by December 2023, 7 Distributed Generation solar plants with the same profile (hectares, inputs and production 3.6207MW each), which will total Σ 25,345 MW, and by December 2024 10 plants of the same profile (hectares, inputs and production 2,466MW each), which will total Σ 24,660 MW.


For the implementation of the project called "GREEN WAY ENERGY", TREEFAM will invest around USD 50 million.

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The Path to Sustainable Future

The company's strategy is to expand the performance of the energy matrix, seeking to invest in Renewable Energy, such as studies and analysis of Solar Plants in Brazil for implementation in 2023 and 2024..


Research and Development is a considered focus for TREEFAM's investments through innovative companies that present through Business Plans solutions to expand the alternatives of renewable energy production.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Renewable energy and agriculture, a possible combination. We believe it.


Many photovoltaic installations have already been designed based on operational models that minimize land use. The continuous phase of research and innovation in the sector has led to the development of solutions such as the double-sided photovoltaic panel.

A technology that allows capturing the sun's rays on both sides of the panel, increasing efficiency and optimizing the spaces used to build a system.


The new power plants will drive the energy transition process. Agriculture will be involved in the green revolution and will benefit from it thanks to innovative solutions that can increase value creation.


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Investment Group Formation

Establishment of strategic and financial objectives aimed at Import & Export



Broker Activities Strategy

Start of activities as Broker for food commodities (sugar, soy and olive oil) targeting the Chinese market.


Recent News

Strategic Alliance

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TREEFAM has strategy alliance with Capital Way to expand presence in South America, UAE and China. 

Our objective is to act as a reseller in trading activities, providing the highest level of governance.

The transparency and control of financial and legal processes are our greatest asset.


Accumulating a lot of years of professional experience in international trade, Sausalito International Trading comprises a network of globally positioned professional traders, in a balanced mix of developed and emerging countries, ready to fulfill your needs for mineral, food, and industrial commodities and finished products, as well as specialized brand-management and procurement services.

The strategic alliance in Brazil between Sausalito International Trading and TREEFAM allowed the expansion of export markets for products produced in Brazil, especially sugar (ICUMSA 45) and soy.

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