Strategic Alliances increase TreeFam's exposure to Balkan countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia and access to a population of 70 million people.

“Strategic Alliances are fundamental for solid and sustainable growth. TreeFam brings access to quality commodities and competitive prices to our corporation.” Mr. Arton Halili, Senior Executive

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By euronews with Lusa • Latest News: 09/14/2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended today that it is in the strategic interest of the European Union to integrate the Balkan states and that Serbia and other countries in the region must make more democratic reforms to join the bloc.

“All of us, who are already members of the European Union, must always make it clear to ourselves that there is an absolute geostrategic interest in actually including these countries in the EU," Merkel said at a press conference with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade.

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Welcome to TreeFam, a company that stands for transparency and corporate ethics..

“Since the foundation of the company, I have been identifying new markets that are underexplored and with great growth potential. This is the case in the Balkan region."
"TreeFam's relationships with commodity producers in South America allow it to make deals that until then were barely noticed.” Dr. Juan Antonio Serna Castejón

Create Relevant Business

TreeFam intends to introduce sugar, soy, olive oil and other products in the region.

Through important strategic alliances, TreeFam intends to export products from the Balkans to Asia, notably the Chinese market.

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